Bedroom layouts

I'd appreciate input on bedroom layouts in our vacation home for our family of five.
The FIRST Floor has a maid's qtrs (small BR and 1/2 ba). That will be for overflow visitors or elderly visitors who prefer less stairs.

The Third Floor currently has a double twin bedded room, which my son will use. The rest of the space is currently unfinished attic. We plan to add dormers and a full bath, and make the rest of the attic sort of "dormitory like" with 4 more twin beds.

The Second Floor has our MBR suite, a hall bath (not the one that is being subsumed into the master, but another hall bath) and the 2 BR's sketched below, which are adjoining.

So here's the question. My girls (9 and 10) want to take over unfinished part of the attic. But I think it is silly to let so much 2nd floor space go fallow, and i think theyd' rather have this suite. (they can be swayed either way). That way my son has his own BR and BA on 3, and the girls have the hall bath on the 2nd floor all to themselves.

One question though ...if we have guests that are not elderly enough to want the maids qtrs, and not young enough to put up in the dormitory, I'd want to give them this suite for the night.

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