What to consider in the kitchen design

The kitchen should be a welcoming, practical and functional space. Follow these steps and give a touch of harmony.
Until some few years ago the kitchen was more than just a place home, mom used to prepare the most delicious dishes, but had little to do with design and style. What has changed significantly in recent years.

Today is an integration with family and friends; it is in keeping with the rest of the home decoration and the latest trends, and is equipped with the best technology.

Here are some tips that will help you to adjust your kitchen and make it a place of practical and stylish creation.

What to consider in the kitchen design
What to consider in the kitchen design 

What to consider in the kitchen design
What to consider in the kitchen design 

What to consider in the kitchen design
What to consider in the kitchen design 

* It is important to be guided by the trends that are at the forefront but also taking into account your personal tastes and to define clearly what you expect to find as I entered the kitchen.

Today people are in a rush every day and require a space that has everything at hand but at the same time become a quiet place to prepare a recipe that another weekend instead.

* Please note something called the "work triangle", which is the shortest distance between the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. That is, if your kitchen is large, then it is always best to have everything nearby.
* Do not fill the place of furniture and drawers. Evaluate how to reuse the space you have in your benefit. Hang some small racks for hanging utensils and use extendable drawers, so q are not.

* Check that the light sources are located at points that require lighting, where no shadows are generated. Insert bulbs in those spaces that enter low light.

* As kitchens are now open and give to the room, it is recommended that the separation does not put the stove or the dishwasher because it can generate intense aromas of unwanted water or trails.
Choose preferably a bar in which they feel their family and friends.

* The floor is also important. If your kitchen is large choose larger tiles and always check q texture allows easy washing. You can choose color or chess, but the best will always be the light colors, as they provide more light and give the impression of more space.

* Do not subject to use accessories to decorate. Pictures, plants, lamps and vases, among others, have no place in this space.

* Provide for sufficient ventilation and that nothing interferes body air inlet and the rest of the kitchen. If you need a space for laundry, try to set hours of use is not good because your clothes are smelling food.

* Nothing better than a large dishwasher and wherein the amount of water that falls is generous. But make sure not to waste it and turn off the water while soaping crockery.

* Every kitchen should have a counter or countertop to make preparations.

Before they were largest and had a rough texture; Now what is needed is minimal, i.e., lamination and smooth films with neutral colors.

* Install countertops and furniture considering the stature of those who will use them to make more comfortable time in the kitchen.

* Try to stop circulation space. And if your kitchen is large, put an island in it, which receives visits.

* Do not put the stove in front of the window because the wind can extinguish the fire or worse if curtains can burn.

* Keep a fire extinguisher in a visible place.

* The space should look good garbage covered and free access to animals and / or children.

* Although would never go out of fashion, designers now explore with other materials such as sheet steel, plastic, glass and fiberglass. When renovating your kitchen do not be afraid to seek colors, materials and new designs. The important thing is that everything has its trademark.

* Perform preventative maintenance on the furnace and the exhaust fan.

* Ensure that the microwave stay away from the fridge.

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